We book festival talent

Eventurers is a booking agent for festival talent. Combining the world of crazy roadtrip adventures and events into one musical experience for your festival.

With over six years of initiating and organizing the famous road trip festival Convoi de Fête, we know the magic ingredients that are required for the perfect festival experience. With this network of talent we spread the love for live music to the people. Besides bookings we offer artist support to the annual MadNes Festival, 24H Festival, Volkshotel and WeWork.

Find our diverse range of artists below.

DJ Socrates

Socrates the rhythm pirate is specialized in creating a warm, vibrant vibe on the dance floor. In his musical blends, he uses Global Reggae, Inflammatory Afro, Funk, Cumbia, Merengue & Highlife and here and there a pinch of crisp electronica.

Be tempted and nourish your body with some tropical energy!

Radio Beachbum

A truely unique intergalactic mobile radio station, spinning their sweet 7 inch vinyls to keep you in the groove.

Combining Ben Cramer with Todd Terje, Rage Against The Machine with The Turtles. We will have no mercy for music styles: what counts is that huge sunny smile on your face!

Our beloved DJ is available with his oldtimer J7 camper or on his Harley Davidson.


Like nothing you've seen before! Synther-songwriter BoterBoter brings his dutch super-disco with excessive enthusiasm. With the digital tunes of his synthesizer groove box, he brings a humorous though pöetic ode to the deviant, the everyday life and everything that stirs in your loins. You can rub your beard to his quirky poetry, but it is highly recommended that you flail wildly in dance to his performance.

Tailor Birds

Tailor Birds is Sophie Kinston, electronic violinist. Described by many as mesmerising, and the future of folk music, this is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion. Currently touring through Australia and Europe, this is world folk at its’ finest, music at its’ most raw, combining live looping, foley art, and rich harmonised vocals, to create a sound like no other.

Ruud Fieten

Ruud is a folk musician blessed with a warm, intriguing voice singing his captivating folk tunes. Some of the songs are small and lyric driven, some loud and energetic, but all of them raw and meaningful. Ruud has been winning over audiences through powerful performances, taking the stage alone with his guitars, always trying to make a real connection with the listener.


Bjarke Ramsing

Bjarke is a Danish musician residing in the Netherlands. His music draws on a tradition of old American Folk, Blues and Roots Music. 
Performing solo and in a full band, which is a rough mix of vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin, double bass and drums/percussion.

3voor12: Bjarke has the magic ability with his spirited music to leave everyone with goosebumps. His sound reminds you of a mix of Eddie Vedder and the Tallest man on Earth.